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[ARTESANIA CRISELEFANTINAS 1 figuras bronce marfil antiguedades]
[ARTESANIA CRISELEFANTINAS 1 figuras bronce marfil antiguedades]


Handicrafts Versailles manufactures and sells replicas of chryselephantines (bronze and ivory), which once were the center around which the decoration of large palatial salons revolved and today are pieces that embellish any environment, from the most classic The most minimalist.

Because of its undoubted artistic quality and its noble materials, the Chryselephantines are not only a treasure for the eyes, but also an important heritage that is revalued over time and undoubtedly a great heritage for their children. A heritage that will pass from generation to generation in your family. Enjoy the beauty and mastery of our craftsmen in every job.

In the following pages, Chryselephantine SCULPTURES  1 to 4, you will find a great variety of styles and motifs, mainly in Art Deco style, as well as great variety of sizes and prices, in patina color leather, patina of gold, green, and even pieces in Solid silver, or polychrome and with sapphires and rubies, so that we are sure you will find a suitable piece to decorate your favorite room, among the more than 80 crisislephant sculptures we show you.

For importation into countries outside the European Union, it is important that before importing or commissioning a Chryselephantine  sculpture, consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Trade in the country of importation, if possible the importation of articles with ivory pieces. Our ivory articles have the Cites Certificate, which makes it possible for them to be legally traded within the European Union, so that for countries outside the Union they must consult it in advance. More information in the Legal Conditions section of our website.

PRICES: 21% VAT INCLUDED, VAT will be deducted for export to persons and companies from countries outside the European Union,

To EU companies with intra-Community VAT and to residents of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla